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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minions Invaded McDonald Malaysia

18th July 2013, Thursday.

I could say Malaysian Adult is extremely INSANE with the Minions Toy which is available at McDonald Malaysia. By the way, McDonald Malaysia has a genius brain to follow the heat of the Despicable Me movie that recently on screen in the cinema.

Wait, let me show you.

 This photo I stole from my friend. LOL.

Is that necessary? LOL. This is just one of the outlet nearby my place, and my friends from Malacca, Port Dickson and etc told me that their place outlet were happened with the same scene.

Yes, Minions is completely cute. But aren't all the cartoon also cute? Haha. I really like Agnes (Gru's youngest daughter) from Despicable Me. She is so adorable. Actually I was focus on her more than Minions when I was watching the movie in the cinema. 

Just so cute. I'm died. LOL.

A short post. See ya. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life is getting bored.

9th July 2013, Tuesday.

Life is getting so damn fucking ducking bored.

In a meanwhile, I've been stop writing for almost a year due to my spectacular laziness and this blog could possibly just let me to spent my extra time when I getting bored.

Back to the topic, like seriously man, my current life just like a doggy to beg for wages every month. LOL. Finally can know how is the employee feel now as a student will never ever get to know by imagination. Fuck yea. : (

I so far kind of pleased to my job and really hope will loving it real soon. Challenging is one of the favourite part, maybe is just the freshly taste for a zero knowledge bloody guy like me in this abnormal field to me (so many of my friends said that). But whatsoever, the job that I current work on is good. No doubt.

But the problem is my life was totally change. You have a job means is just equivalent to you have a commitment. Boys hate commiment right? LOL. How craving am I needed for a flexible working time in the morning. Like WTF, I don't feel like waking up in the morning at the fucking 6.45am from Monday to Friday plus alternate beautiful Saturday. Possibly just too used to my luxury study life, GOING or NOT GOING, DO or NOT DO, PLAY or NOT PLAY, all these fucking terms are just followed once I speak out. Now what? The most afraid matter in the morning is I scared of waking up late. Next, in the afternoon, I afraid of some tasks undone but still questioning by superior. Lastly, in the evening, I can't not going for hang out, I will deadly kill by the lack of sleep. Critically.

Okay done. My complaint is reaching a limit. That is all I want to express but would not take into account. So far still satisfied with everything that came to me. I'm blessed. And even blessing thing is I've a really great senior that can lead me in everything. Appreciate that really much.

One year one blog rule is ridiculous right. Haha. Anyway ciao. : )

See ya.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My very first Premiere Screening

19th of June 2012, Tuesday which is my very time to get a chance to watch premiere screening at One Utama GSC theater. Like seriously, I am so shame to say it was my FIRST TIME you know, I never get a ticket of premiere screening before or can say under my circle of friends they are none or hardly to get a ticket to watch it too. 
All this just need to thank to my best emcee partner at my university, Janice Yeap (unfortunately she just graduated). : ( Anyway, she got the tickets from churp churp twitter and offer me to go with her and her friends. Janice is a great blogger, feel free to visit her blog too. link

Outfit of the day : 

Just allow me to share some first time freshy experience to you all. 
Meaning of premiere screening: 
Yea...just premiere. LOL. As the first run to watch it among the Malaysian. That's it, nothing more about to describe. Haha. Maybe if you able to get a premiere of local film or chinese film, then you'll have a chance to watch with those actor and actress, but not for Hollywood movie or can say rarely, as I think la.  Haha.
And I feel premiere tickets are just only for those blogger, radio fm and something related to media have the priority to get it, because I guess this is the way to advertise the movie to all of you. By the way, it's FREE, why not. And I am a Malaysian, Malaysian like to have something first before the others do. *wink. : )

Okay, skip those craps, let's go back to the movie. 
Premier screening of Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. 

                                               Director : Timur Bekmambetov
                                               Writers : Seth Grahame-Smith (screenplay and novel)
                                               Stars : Benjamin Wlaker, Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper
                                               Youtube :  

Abraham....Lincoln, he always introduce himself by pausing in between of his name. I got no idea why he want to do that. Haha. He is the President of United States that planning to takes all the vampire down. 
For me, Abe totally is the strongest vampire hunter in history that I ever seen from so many movies before. One ax One soul and taken down all the vampires. He has been trained and his main purpose is to revenge by killing a vampire who murdered his mother when he was young. 
Oh ya, I can't tell you all the exciting moment of the movie, if can please move your ass and sit into theater and nicely watch the smartest vampire hunter showtime. Quite okay to catch up. 
Rating : 6/10

By the way, if you had read the vampire story book by Darren Shan, you'll definitely call the vampire that appear in the movie as Vampanese. Vampanese and Vampire they are truly different. Vampanese are evil and the main point is they look very ugly and disgusting as appeared in the whole movie. That is why I wanna mention about it. In my mind, Vampires are always have an elegant look and gorgeous. Haha. *Vampire addict. 

I think I should stop here. Nice day. : )

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What is hair so important?

What is hair so important to us?

For me, hair is just a tiny character to human, but if without hair, it totally can be devastating to us. A little useful yet we can't live without. Hair is like showing the identity of us you know. And means that we lost our hair, we lost our identity. That's it. Huh? Sounds too grave right. Haha.

So people, please start to style or keep clean and tidy of your hair, it might change your life for the next second. For my personal opinion, hair is so damn fucking important to me. You changed your hairstyle, it changed you to another's identity. Natural phenomenon, human get bored when they do something repeat in a long time. Same thing to apply here, people will totally feel boring with your 20 years unchanged hairstyle. You want others catch their eyes on you? Then you better move your ass and start to do with your hair first. Trust me, you wouldn't regret in the first place. 

There are some pictures might give you some kick...

 See... He looks cuter and fresher.

This one as well. From Rocker to a Smart Business man.

Zac Efron is from a teenager transforming to a man. Effing smart wei..

By the way, for woman, I personally unlike those girls with the straight line bangs especially for those chubby face. It makes your face get even rounder or can said it enlarging the surface area. (NO offense) Maybe can try to make it short. It confirm will make you look better. For my opinion la. Haha. 
And I am so fancy with those girls with center parting hairstyle. Don't know why, but they are way too sexy.... Haha.

Let me show you some.... : )
 Oh gosh.. Nina Dobrev

 She is too lovely. Anne Hathaway

Tell me what is sexy about? This is so called SEXY.... JLo.

Okay, let's go back to the topic. Now is the guy turn.
For guys, if you lazy to style your hair, then you can just try to make it as short as possible but not bald la please. Haha. Men has limited hairstyle to change, or you can refer to those Kpop hairstyle, they are quite catchy indeed. And FUCKING handsome. Haha. Sometimes you just have follow the trend, like that people will just think you are fashionable enough, trendy enough.  But you don't have to follow if you do not like it, as long as you do it in your way with confident.

Take me as an example,

The 2 pictures at the top look damn gross right? (smell the seafood taste flirting around). Haha. As I said, Just do it is the only thing to bare in mind. Quite a number are not dare to change their hairstyle, they afraid after haircut they will a monster. LOL. Come on man, never try never know, hair will grow and it wouldn't make you ugly forever. Just give yourself a chance.
Anyway I was just talking and what's the thing that I think its really are. I was suddenly out of mind to think about that and finger automatic to type it out. *wink. : )


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mickey Mouse Through The yEars at Midvalley Megamall

 The Original Mickey Mouse 

I know I was too lame to purposely go and visit the mickey mouse exhibition at Midvalley this afternoon after my class with few coursemates.  But I can't let myself not to go, because I still remember mickey mouse is one of my favourite Disney cartoon when I was young. It just way too cute ( but don't know why the real mouse can be that scary @@ ), and the Donald duck is cute too. Haha.

This exhibition is the genius idea to make it during school holiday. All the parents have no panic to digging something to occupy their bored kids,bet this is one of the best idea. But KL people are just brave enough to face the traffic jam, lack of parking space, crowded area and etc etc annoying thing as I am the one terrify about all those. Haih.

One Mickey Mouse One Designer, there are hundred or more exhibit in the fair, means there are hundred or more creative people out there, I feel like getting one to design and public to let people see also. Hahahaha. But I saw the most ugly one among all those is the combination with the Donald duck.

Feel so weird. Yer....

Most favourite Mickey Mouse
It look nice with the star eyes.
I took picture with the Star. Haha.

Below photos are my favourite too.

And this one is dedicate to my lovely babe.

Full of Love

This exhibition is until 10th of June, so do visit it if you have free time, I feel like it kind of worthy to spent your leisure time. *wink.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

What to Expect When You Are Expecting

It's Friday at 12.33pm,

What to expect when you are expecting is a great movie to catch up if you are interested in woman's pregnancy and babies. I've been so touched when I watching it last 2 days. Moms and moms-to-be are definitely the bravest person among the humans. Can't imagine the painfulness when they are giving birth. Oh gosh....

Here is some information about the movie:

Director : Kirk Jones
Writers   : Shauna Cross (screenplay), Heather Hach (screenplay)
Stars      : Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crowford, Brooklyn Decker, Ben Falcone, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrinson, Rodrigo Santord. 

Actually this movie was inspired by a pregnancy guide book as the same name with the movie and it written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. 

But the weird thing is a pregnancy guide book also can be transformed to be a film. How amazing and creative are these Hollywood freaks people. How to make a story line and link everything with the book? No idea, but I just enjoyed it pretty well.  

In the movie, I personally so adore this couple Holly and Alex (casts by JLo and Rodrigo Santord). They are so full of love. Make me feel that if you love someone, consanguinity( blood relation) is not a matter, but of course for those with your blood relationship one. Holly is unable to pregnant.....Shhhhh.. Opps..I can't tell you all too much about it. You have to enter the theater and feel it by yourself. : )

Rating : 6.5/10

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Resurrection

It's Thursday at 12.50pm,

Suddenly so many ALONEssss appeared in my life. Watch movie alone, shopping alone, gym alone, eat alone and work alone. I really thought that I can enjoy it pretty well (as sometimes I really do), but actually shouldn't act that way. I was stuck sometimes and hope that someone can really by my side. : (

The above paragraph was written few months ago. Hahaha. I got no fucking idea what did I write, sounds so damn emo. It shouldn't be for my emotional right now. : )

Inspiration strikes again for this blog. Every time I wanted to write blog as often as a blogger do, but the fucking damn thing just always cut off my inspiration half way when I blogging. Lazinessssss.... Maybe too much to write for a long unblogged period, that is why I couldn't keep it on the way that I wanted to. You know why?
As I figured out,

First, blogger never do combination for their blog. They only write a single thing in ONE blog. Haha...Unlike me, I always want to write one month or whole year things in a blog (sound so ridiculous right). Haha.. This is the reason was stopping me every time.

Second, they write is because they need to write. They need to update their blog or to update their so called Followers. No offense. Inspiration just does not strike me every week or even monthly. I feel so jealous about blogger can update like one week a post or few posts a week. As I am a addicted follower to blog too. Hahaha. Some blogger are so damn funny and interesting. Love them.

Third, I do not know how to decorate my blog. (paiseh-ing...). As I saw all the blogger have an extremely outfit for their blog. Music raised follower's reading mood, Snows flying here and there, Flowers floating in air and etc etc.. I haven't see any blogger make a tutorial about it. Haha. Need it so badly. As I paiseh(shameful) to ask my friends about decoration. LOL.

Lastly, how to have unlimited awareness of recording down everything while they are doing something that can post in the blog. For me, I forgotten to record down during the golden time. After the event...( Aiya...shit, I forgot to take picture or take something nice in the event). WTH...

Okay, time to say goodbye. I will keep it up. And do it as short as I can for a blog and make it interesting. Haha.