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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minions Invaded McDonald Malaysia

18th July 2013, Thursday.

I could say Malaysian Adult is extremely INSANE with the Minions Toy which is available at McDonald Malaysia. By the way, McDonald Malaysia has a genius brain to follow the heat of the Despicable Me movie that recently on screen in the cinema.

Wait, let me show you.

 This photo I stole from my friend. LOL.

Is that necessary? LOL. This is just one of the outlet nearby my place, and my friends from Malacca, Port Dickson and etc told me that their place outlet were happened with the same scene.

Yes, Minions is completely cute. But aren't all the cartoon also cute? Haha. I really like Agnes (Gru's youngest daughter) from Despicable Me. She is so adorable. Actually I was focus on her more than Minions when I was watching the movie in the cinema. 

Just so cute. I'm died. LOL.

A short post. See ya. 

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